American Red Cross Outreach

American Red Cross Outreach

June 25, 2021
Many of us experienced the ravages of flooding firsthand. Some of us lost priceless photos and mementos, others had to replace washing machines and furnaces lost in the flood. A few of us may have had to replace cars damaged by the rising water. None of us had our homes swept away in the flood waters. None of us lost friends and family to the flood waters.

This summer we have watched as floods have devastated Missouri and Kentucky and most recently Texas. The American Red Cross is there around the clock providing critical
support to those in need. Trained Red Cross relief workers are on the ground helping to
provide a safe place to stay, food to eat, critical relief supplies, and emotional support for those affected. Volunteers are also replacing prescription medications, eyeglasses, or critical medical equipment such as canes or wheelchairs left behind in the rush to escape the rising waters. This deadly flooding is an example of the more intense climate-related disasters that are happening more often.

Over the last two years, the Red Cross has responded on average to a new disaster every 10 days. You can support the Red Cross in one of two ways: (1) by putting a donation in the collection plate and marking it with Red Cross on Sunday mornings, or (2) by making an online donation at (select “Make a Gift” from the home page, then select “Monthly Outreach” on the online donation page). We hope that you will give generously to support the Red Cross and its mission to help those impacted by the recent floods in Eastern Kentucky.

With Our Gratitude,
Catherine F. & Allison G.
Outreach co-stewards