christian Burials in our Sanctuary

The spacious Sanctuary is available to church members and non-members. We believe all people deserve a Christian burial. Our pastor will preside over the service. However, if you have an officiant and wish to only rent the sanctuary, arrangements can be discussed.

There is a piano and organ in the Sanctuary, as well as space for musicians, a choir, and/or orchestra to be involved in the service. Our organist can be contacted, or bring your own musicians for the service.

Members can purchase niches or choose a Sprinkle Service in the Columbarium. Non-members can have a Sprinkle Service in the Columbarium. These prices are available upon request.

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen available for rent. Please click here to view prices and make your reservation. 

Please view the fee schedule to be aware of nominal costs. 

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Embrace Diversity

GPCC is a self-governing Christian congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ. We hold a wide variety of theological, social, and political opinions, but most importantly we follow Jesus Christ our Lord, and his commandment to love each other. If you are looking for a joyful and spiritually uplifting community that embraces the love of Jesus Christ and God’s creations, come and join us. We will RISE to the occasion.