Image result for coats and mittens   Imagine not going outside to play with your peers or not going to school because you do not have a warm winter coat! Facing a Michigan winter without a warm coat is a daunting thought for most of us but a reality for many children in Southeast Michigan. In the metro Detroit area, including the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods, thousands of needy children do not have adequate clothing. However, thanks to Operation Warm, more than 2000 children can be warm
and toasty as they brave the cold this winter.

   Operation Warm is a local effort with national roots. The metro area project began in 2012 when the Grosse Pointe Rotary, Grosse Pointe Sunrise Rotary, Detroit Rotary and Detroit A.M. Rotary combined resources to promote the program and raise funds. New coats are purchased from the national clearinghouse at a cost of approximately $20 per coat. 

  Rotarians work with Crossroads of Michigan, the National School Lunch Program in Grosse Pointe and Harper Woods, For the Seventh Generation, the Children’s Center of Detroit, Northeast Guidance Center, and Matrix Human Services. These agencies know the needs of the families for whom they provide services and distribute coats to these families. Rotarians raise
funds, order and distribute the coats to the partner agencies before winter’s chill arrives.

  Sherry McRill, President and CEO of Northeast Guidance Center states “this annual event has far reaching effects beyond the gift of warmth. Not having a coat impacts health and literacy.” Having a brand new coat also promotes self-esteem.

  The goal of Operation Warm 2018 is to raise funds that will provide the resources to purchase 2500 coats. We hope members of Grosse Pointe Congregational will continue their generosity as shown in the past six years. A donation of only $20 will buy a coat for a child and have a huge impact on that child’s well-being.

  Please use the blue or yellow envelope and mark it for Operation Warm. Thank you.