Our July outreach supports a local effort to support U.S. troops stationed overseas.

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   As the mom of a Marine serving overseas, Grosse Pointer Evonne Schott sends care packages to her son, Tom, to supplement what he can buy at the store on his military base. When she became aware that many troops do not have stores on their bases, nor access to basic amenities, she started shipping care packages on her own to those in need. But, she said, it wasn’t enough.

   Evonne began asking family and friends for help collecting basic supplies. Soon, friends and strangers alike were filling Evonne’s garage with all kinds of supplies, as well as making monetary donations to go toward the cost of shipping the boxes. With an amazing grassroots effort, in June 2017 Evonne and her crew packed and shipped nearly 200 boxes of items overseas. Likewise in November 2017, another couple hundred boxes of supplies were shipped out. GPCC contributed both monetary donations and goods to the November 2017 shipment, and we’re doing so again this year.

Evonne is planning another overseas shipment in November 2018, so that care packages will arrive by the holiday season. GPCC is supporting Evonne’s mission this month by collecting monetary donations to help cover shipping costs (which can run upwards of $3000). In addition, the following two items may be brought to church and placed in the bin in the hallway near the lounge:

  • baby wipes
  • protein bars

In Yvonne’s words, “I’m just a MoM—Mother of a Marine—who asked for some help. Really, they’re all my sons. Sometimes our military feels forgotten when they’re in places far away. Each box is a touch from home so they know we’re thinking about them.”

Please consider making a monetary gift to “Military Moms” by placing your donation in the blue or yellow outreach envelopes. Donations of supplies, listed above, can be placed in the bin in the hallway. Thank you.