Want to keep up on youth events? Call 313-884-3075. Volunteers needed! Parents - if you can be a driver, chaperone, or teacher, please call 313-884-3075.

Pilgrim Youth Fellowship (PYF) is for young people in 6th through 8th grades led by Lori Zurvalec. Teen Haven is for young adults in 9th through 12th grades and is led by volunteers. Both groups meet to learn, serve the community, have fun, and build Christian relationships with each other and in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Congratulations Confirmation Class 2016!
Check out www.facebook.com/gpcong.org for additional Confirmation photos.


Kids at GPCC have fun...there's no doubt about it. The high school kids put on a battle of the bands concert in the Spring that has attracted hundreds of kids. The Christmas Workshop allows the kids to have fun making crafts for the holidays. The Christmas pageant is put on for the congregation during the holidays as well. Every other year the confirmation class (7th/8th graders) go on a retreat in the fall for fun and fellowship. Pancake brunches, ice cream socials, potlucks, family game and movie nights, and visiting shut-ins are only some of the fun ways our church members get together.

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