Ed Priebe

Our Moderator presides over board meetings and is responsible for the various Church committees.

Petersen Decker

Vice Moderator
Our Vice Moderator chairs the Finance Committee and the Stewardship Campaign Committee.

Pat Mullaney

Recording Secretary
Our Recording Secretary keeps records of the Congregational meetings and Board meetings.

Betty Allor

Our Clerk keeps a register of the members of the Church.

Rev. Richard Yeager-Stiver

Our Minister cares for the spiritual welfare of the Church.

John Broman

Steward of Finance
Our Steward of Finance is responsible for the fiscal direction of the Church.

David DeVries

Steward of Building & Grounds
Our Steward of Building and Grounds is responsible for the care of the Church properties.

Lori Zurvalec

Steward of Worship
Our Steward of Worship gives direction to the spiritual activities of our Church.

Rick Hawley

Steward of Music
Our Steward of Music supervises the musical welfare of the Church.

Diane Strickler

Steward of Outreach
Our Steward of Outreach oversees the outreach programs and missionary plans of the Church.

Aaron Tavalire

Steward of Membership & Communication
Our Steward of Membership and Communication manages the Calling and Caring Committee and the Communications Committee.

Lynne Millies

Steward of Youth
Our Steward of Youth is responsible for the Youth related ministries of the Church.
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