Stewardship refers to the way a ministry communicates and engages with your support to ensure you have the best possible experience. The aim of Stewardship is to deepen your relationship with God, with each other, and with the Church - ideally long-term. Stewardship is a bit like climbing onto a roof – if you have someone holding your ladder at the bottom, you feel a lot more secure.

Being a Steward means, you have a following or you are guiding others with a similar goal in mind. Few would disagree that you deserve to be treated with gratitude and respect – you make the ministry work possible, after all.

Each ministry tends to have supporters with a slightly different profile – with different atti-tudes, experiences and motivations. When it comes to considering what you will value most, how do you like to support? What do you wish to receive? What do you like about the communication you receive? Or is there other communication you wish were presented?

GPCC ministries do listen to your concerns and make it a point to react to them. The level of investment you provide to your ministry makes you a Steward with an appropriate degree of sup-port.

The way in which your ministry operates – financial, legally and spiritually – should be sub-ject to a level of input from others, which ensures it is strong, sustainable, and legally compliant, and above all, operating in accordance with New Testament principles.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

It is interesting to note that the New Testament is full of examples of teams – ministries that involve the support of others in a variety of ways. After all, this is not just about being compliant; accountability gives your ministry integrity because it provides protection, a moral and spiritual compass, guidance and direction, and demonstrates to others a willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions.

By making a strong pledge of time, talent, money, and other resources, we reinforce others who have already done so, and we encourage those who have not done as much to do the same.

The bottom line is that good Stewardship delivers a good return on investment for your ministry.

We are beginning our Stewardship Campaign with the following dates:

Sunday, Oct 8: Stewardship letters, cards, and envelopes to members

Sunday, Oct 29: Celebration of pledges during service & collection of pledge cards.

Your fullest measure of Pledge support on October 29 is counted on and gratefully appreciated.

As the mom of a Marine serving overseas, Grosse Pointer Evonne Schott was used to sending care packages Image result for us troops symbolto her son, Tom, to supplement what he could buy at the store on his military base. When she became aware that many troops do not have stores on their bases, nor access to basic amenities, she started shipping care packages on her own to those in need. But, she said, it wasn’t enough.

Evonne, along with her sister Linda Bahr, began asking family and friends for help collecting basic supplies. Soon, friends and strangers alike were filling Evonne’s garage with all kinds of supplies, as well as making monetary donations to go toward the cost of shipping the boxes. With an amazing grassroots effort, in June 2017 Evonne and her crew packed and shipped nearly 200 boxes of items overseas.

Evonne is planning another overseas shipment in November so that care packages will arrive by the holiday season. GPCC is supporting Evonne’s mission this month by collecting monetary donations to help cover shipping costs (June’s shipment cost around $3000 in postage). In addition, the following items may be brought to church and placed in the bin in the hallway near the lounge. Please note: no liquids or perishable foods, including chocolate bars, may be shipped, so please adhere to this list:

Here is an approved list of needed items (the military scans the boxes and only allows items that are of a certain size, dimension, and type.   They take these donations seriously).    

Baby Wipes                                                                            Toilet Paper

Eye Drops                                                                               Non-Aerosol Deodorant

Hand Sanitizer                                                                        Foot Powder

Beef Jerky                                                                               Protein Bars

Peanut Butter                                                                         Gum

Disposable Wipes                                                                  Energy Drinks

Energy Shots                                                                          Non-Aerosol Bug Spray

Tylenol                                                                                   Solid Color Boxer Shorts (M/L)

Hard Candy                                                                           Canned Spaghetti O's

Though none of these boxes will be going to Evonne’s son or his unit, as Evonne stated in the June 29, 2017, Grosse Pointe News, “I’m just a MoM—Mother of a Marine—who asked for some help. Really, they’re all my sons. Sometimes our military feels forgotten when they’re in places far away. Each box is a touch from home so they know we’re thinking about them.”

Please place your monetary gifts in the blue or yellow outreach envelopes and indicate “Moms of Marines” on the memo line. Donations of supplies, listed above, can be placed in the bin in the hallway. Thank you.


The Outreach Committee

Welcome to Grosse Pointe Congregational Church.  At Grosse Pointe Congregational Church, or GPCC, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Thank you for dropping by via your browser.  GPCC is a church on-fire with the power and love of the Holy Spirit.  Through God's wondrous love, we are a caring congregation: caring for the spiritual and hunger needs of our members and non-members.

We feed spritual hunger pains through music in Sunday worship, and thorugh our art gallery, which changes every 1-2 months.  Please visit our Facebook Arts Ministry page for upcoming events and information.

Our congregation is part of the United Church of Christ ( family and we come from all walks of life to center our lives and hearts on God.  Each week the services adn sermons encoaurge us to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we discern what we believe we hear the Still-Speaking God saying.

If you are looking for a church family, we'd love to adopt you as a brother or sister in Christ.  We also invite you to listen to our weekly sermons, and if your life is changed or you are inspired by God to give to our ministries, please click here: DONATION.

God's blessings,

Rev. Richard Yeager-Stiver


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